Every curling wave, every violent breeze
Emily. ♀. 19. Pacific Northwest.



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" Being happy is a very personal thing—and it really has nothing to do with anyone else . "

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Have you ever just looked at someone and thought, “I really love you”. They’re just talking or humming or watching a movie or reading a book or laughing or something, and there’s something about them in that moment that makes you think, “I just really love you”

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John Kacere


John Kacere

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me about girls:
wow!! wow

Enchanted Zodiac
♈ Aries:
Are the zodiac's dragons. Innocent yet fiery, naively adorable yet volatile. They are protective and competitive, but make very loyal and honest companions. Aries also dream of flying and testing physical limitations

♉ Taurus:
Are the zodiac's witches. With an innate understanding of ecology and natural medicine Taureans can be natural healers as well as revengeful and determined when someone wrongs them. Their earthiness can connect them with the paranormal

♊ Gemini:
Are the zodiac's magical pixies; flittering from person to person, place to place spreading their insight then disappearing leaving amidst of wander if they even existed? A hint of charm and mischief and always on the go

♋ Cancer:
Are the zodiac's cherubs. With hearts bigger than themselves and a warm and nurturing aura. Very receptive to subconscious desires and always understanding.

♌ Leo:
Are the zodiac's magicians. With an inclination towards precognitive thinking and an innate belief in the underlying magic in everything Leo share their natural love and light around the world

♍ Virgo:
Are the zodiac's sorcerers. With an innate understanding of ecology, natural particles and analysis, they can concoct brilliant combinations to help and heal. Virgo are also quite service oriented and have a natural affinity with medicine

♎ Libra:
Are the zodiac's fairy elves. The women can dance until men have such a frenzy they drop dead; they are charming, a little mischievous, and come of the kind and compassionate strain

♏ Scorpio:
Are the zodiac's vampires. With a usual preoccupation to the night time, and all things death; blood, afterlife, gore as well as dark romance. Dissonance between wanting to be good and being drawn to bad

♐ Sagittarius:
Are the zodiac's spirit guides. With an innate understanding of the 'big picture'; a keen humanistic quality, an unmistakable intuition and a casualness and openness. Sagittarians can answer the questions the rest of the zodiac have

♑ Capricorn:
Are the zodiac's elder wizard. With a large reserve of wisdom, leadership, reliability, persistance and secret magic of their own. They are also natural old souls who counsel the advice of many

♒ Aquarius:
Are the zodiac's mermaids. Solitary, yet friendly; different, yet unimposing. An innate desire to be in and near the ocean and to be amongst freedom and variety

♓ Pisces:
Are the zodiac' angels. With a unique and empathetic understanding of all souls and a deep connection with the spirit world, Pisceans are the world's nurses. Always encouraging, tolerable and forgiving

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Aww this is so sweet

Perf man



Aww this is so sweet

Perf man

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